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Sunday, March 7, 2021

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The use of this web site is limited to legal puproses only and in no way in a manner that could prohibit the use by others. The visitor of this web site is obliged to use it accoring to the law and these terms, and should not act in a way that could endager the services offered.

Privacy Policy

The administration and protection of visitors privacy data are subject to these terms as well as greek law (N. 2472/1997, P. D. 207/1998 & 79/2000, #8 N. 2819/2000) as well as european law (directives 95/46/EU & 97/66/EU). Our company is acting according to the current law and aims to its right use on its internet web site


The web site uses cookies to offer various services, such as the shopping cart.

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The web site provides links to other web sites which are controlled by third parties . Our Company is not responsible for the Terms of Access or Privacy Policy of these parties.

IP Addresses

The IP address through which a computer is accessing the Internet and then our web site is solely used to gather statistical data.

General Privacy Policy Terms.

Our company is respecting the privacy of your personal data and will not in any case provide third parties with these data except for legal purposes and to the authorized parties only. The visitor - user of this web site may contact the company to request info on his/her personal record, request it to be changed or deleted.

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